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5G Module

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules
5G: Change Your Life!

We can assist you to quickly import 5G modules into your products.

Multi‐Band 5G NR/LTE‐FDD/LTE‐TDD/HSPA+ module solution in a LGA type which supports R15 5g NSA/SA up to 4.0 Gbps data transfer.

We also provide 5G module carrier boards based on your needs

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Our 5G Solutions

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules for drones
5G for Drone

5G makes it more convenient for drones to be used in various safety applications, including surveillance of the periphery and 24/7 surveillance image transmission...

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules for Industrial
5G for Industrial

5G will greatly improve industrial production conditions, reduce the dependence of dangerous operating environments on people, improve the remote operation experience and controllability of production...

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules for Smart Agriculture
5G for Smart Agriculture

Sensors collect information such as soil moisture, fertilization, weather and transmit that through a 5G gateway to cloud providing farmers real time access to information and analysis on their land, crop, livestock, logistics and machinery.

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules for AIoT
5G for AIoT

5G brings a range of benefits to the IoT, which are not available with 4G or other technologies. These include 5G’s ability to support a massive number of static and mobile IoT devices, which have a diverse range of speed, bandwidth and quality of service requirements...

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules for Smart Home
5G for Smart Home

The innovation that is 5G will provide an alternative to fixed wireless internet making things connect quickly, faster, nicely and simply. From rural areas where broadband speeds are poor to urban areas where speeds can suffer from congestion, 5G will enhance the possibilities for entire communities and not only the smart home...

XIANG CHENG Electronic 5G modules for autonomous driving
5G for Autonomous Driving

The automobile industry is experiencing exponential growth of self-driving features, and this trend is expected to continue. 5G network connections will have a major influence on the development of self-driving cars making them faster, smarter, and safer...